Sunday, 8 January 2017

!! सावधान !! क्या आपके पास भी इस तरह के सैंडल्स हैं ? |Throw these Sand...

!! सावधान !!  क्या आपके पास भी इस तरह के सैंडल्स हैं ?, Throw these plastic Sandals Immediately, Harmful disadvantages of wearing plastic clogs, Cancer causing substances found in plastic clogs, Heavy metals found in plastic clogs, Crocs,

Hello viewers, In this video I am sharing with you a very important information related to your health. If you have these plastic clogs, then throw them immediately.
In 2 researches in Germany,the scientists put to the test 10 sets of the best brands of plastic made clogs. After the examination was made the outcomes were stunning. The clogs contained roughly 60% aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
PAHs are extremely hurtful substances that by creating cell transformation prompt to some serious types of cancer. These substances are particularly dangerous and cancer-causing when entering in the body by breathing in or infiltrating through the skin pores.
What’s more, almost 70% of the clogs that were put to investigation contained solvents and heavy metals.
What is most important after reading this is to know that you should avoid wearing clogs. If you believe it’s important to wear them, then you better wear socks in the first place, because of the fact that these toxic compounds can easily enter into your body through the skin.
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