Tuesday, 26 September 2017

एडी से चोटी तक शरीर की हर बीमारी (शुगर, मोटापा, कब्ज, कैंसर, हार्ट प्राब...

In this video I am sharing with you health & beauty benefits of
Wheatgrass Powder. I am also sharing wheatgrass weight loss diet plan.
If you follow this diet plan, you can easily lose 10 kg weight in a
Wheatgrass Powder is a natural product that detoxifies our body and it
is very beneficial for weight loss and it also cures many diseases like
diabetes, constipation, cancer, heart problem, etc.
Wheatgrass powder is hailed as 'The Panacea on Earth' by many famous
Naturopaths and Dieticians around the world due to the natural remedies
concentration of numerous beneficial nutrients present in it. Wheatgrass
powder is very good for your skin also. Just add little bit of rose
water in a spoon of wheatgrass powder and apply it as a face pack . It
will reduces pigmentation, acne and will give a radiant glow to your
face. Wheatgrass powder can be used a hair rinse also. It reduces hair
fall and maintains the natural color of hair for long time.
Buy Girme's wheat grass powder.
Call on - +91 9922004343
Website - www.girmeswheatgrass.com
Buy online - http://amzn.to/2gB2vHx

Wheat Grass contains maximum Chlorophyll along with 108+ beneficial
phyto nutrients. Hence Wheat Grass Juice is also known as Chlorophyll
Juice and similarly Wheat Grass Powder is also known as Chlorophyll
Powder. Wheatgrass Chlorophyll gets absorbed quickly in the blood and
helps to increase haemoglobin, combat Anaemia, Thalassemia, etc.
Dieticians therefore call Wheatgrass as ‘Green Blood' that promotes
health and healing.
I got to know of a very good Wheatgrass Powder product by the name
Girme's Wheatgrass. The concept of drinking Wheatgrass Juice is known in
Naturopathy / Nature Cure. But in todays modern life Wheatgrass Powder
is proving to be the most convenient and result oriented alternative to
the fresh Wheatgrass Juice as it is easy to use anywhere, anytime.
Girmes Wheatgrass Powder is available in 100g bottle and 3g sachet
100 g bottle is for Rs. 400/- and it gives 30 servings.
30 scahet pack is for Rs. 350/-, means cost per glass of Wheatgrass
shot is around Rs. 13/-

This brand is promoted by a Naturopathy doctor since 1998 and thTey are
considered as the pioneers of Wheatgrass Powder in India.
This product is widely available through dealers in all major cities of
India and exported to 40+ countries. Plus it is available on Amazon
also. For more details visit their website www.girmeswheatgrass.com or
call on Mob : +919922004343

Good results can be experienced if Wheatgrass Powder therapy is
accompanied by suitable changes in lifestyle like food, exercise, yoga
and natural living. I urge the viewers to try this product and feel the
difference it will bring your health and happy living.

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

चेहरे को दस साल जवान बनाएगा ये फेस मास्क | Remove Wrinkles, FIne LInes |...

In this video, I am sharing Homemade anti-aging mask. This mask will remove wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and will give you 5-10 years younger looking skin. Main ingredients of this mask is rice. Rice has anti aging properties. It hydrates the skin, removes dark spots and wrinkles. So use this anti-aging face mask 3 times a week and get younger looking glowing skin.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

!! सावधान !! क्या आपके पास भी इस तरह के सैंडल्स हैं ? |Throw these Sand...

!! सावधान !!  क्या आपके पास भी इस तरह के सैंडल्स हैं ?, Throw these plastic Sandals Immediately, Harmful disadvantages of wearing plastic clogs, Cancer causing substances found in plastic clogs, Heavy metals found in plastic clogs, Crocs,

Hello viewers, In this video I am sharing with you a very important information related to your health. If you have these plastic clogs, then throw them immediately.
In 2 researches in Germany,the scientists put to the test 10 sets of the best brands of plastic made clogs. After the examination was made the outcomes were stunning. The clogs contained roughly 60% aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons (PAHs).
PAHs are extremely hurtful substances that by creating cell transformation prompt to some serious types of cancer. These substances are particularly dangerous and cancer-causing when entering in the body by breathing in or infiltrating through the skin pores.
What’s more, almost 70% of the clogs that were put to investigation contained solvents and heavy metals.
What is most important after reading this is to know that you should avoid wearing clogs. If you believe it’s important to wear them, then you better wear socks in the first place, because of the fact that these toxic compounds can easily enter into your body through the skin.
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